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G: drive class naming change

Published: 5-24-2011 5:50 am

Greetings all,
As many of you know, classes are being handled a bit differently this summer.  We've gone from three summer terms to one summer term with multiple sessions.  As a result, we need to change the way classes are named on the G: drive and in other campus systems as well. 
You'll be seeing session designators appearing in the class names on the G: drive starting tomorrow morning.  What used to be something like:
will become:
The session designators (3WK in this example) match the session codes found in WildcatsOnline.  Fall and Spring courses will have this feature as well, with the regular session having the session code of "1":
Sakai will begin to use session designators this fall and we'll send out a reminder about that as the time approaches.
Please don't hesitate to call the helpdesk (7107) if you have any questions.
Thanks all.

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