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Sakai maintenance and phishing

Published: 5-6-2011 10:30 am

Greetings all,
Just a couple of notes for the month of May that you may want to be aware of:
1)  We will be doing a fairly major upgrade on the Sakai Learning Management System on the afternoon of May 12th.  We will begin at noon and anticipate that the upgrade should be complete by 5PM that evening.
2)  We continue to experience a number of phishing attempts on campus, and the frequency doesn't seem to be abating.  Phishing is an attempt to obtain information from you that is unsafe for you to be divulging.  These attempts often come in the form of an e-mail indicating that your mailbox is full, or that maintenance needs to be done and often requesting your username and password.  Please keep in mind that you should never divulge your username and/or password via e-mail and you should be very cautious of e-mails indicating that you should login to a system on a provided web link. 
3)  We believe we may also have some phishing taking place via telephone.  If someone calls requesting directory information regarding you or someone else on campus, please be mindful of our FERPA guidelines and do a bit of proactive questioning to understand fully who is calling, what organization they represent and why they need the information.
Thanks much and whether you are here or afar for the summer have a wonderful one!

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