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"Network downtime tomorrow"

posted 10-16-09




As you are aware, Fall Break is upon us and with it comes one of our most advantageous windows to make significant system improvements that require downtime while impacting as few people as possible. With that in mind, we would like to announce two downtimes for the upcoming few days:


1) Saturday the 17th from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Nearly all network and IP phone functionality will be disrupted on campus. Voicemail will still be operational. Internet and all server systems will be impacted. You may have periods of time during that window where everything is working as normal, but the system will be going up and down without any additional notice, so please be aware of this should you choose to use any computers or IP phones.


2) Monday evening from 5:00PM until late into the evening we will be doing a phone system upgrade. IP phones should notice only two very brief periods of disruption during this window. Analog phones in the stadium and power plant will be impacted (these will be done very close to 5:00 PM and should be operational again in fairly short order).


Thank you all for your patience as we strive to make the system better and more reliable...


Dennis Linster

Chief Information Officer

Wayne State College

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