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"Service disruptions this morning"

posted 10-9-09




Early this morning one of our server storage systems partially stopped responding to some of the systems that use it. This failure impacted a number of systems, as many of you are aware. No data was lost in this failure, but effected systems were down for a bit over two hours this morning. The failure is a documented problem (which we have experienced in a more limited fashion before) with the system and the vendor (Hewlett Packard) has a fix available for it. The fix will take several hours to implement and we have already had plans to activate that fix over fall break. We had hoped that the problem would not exhibit again prior to fall break so that we could limit the amount of downtime for folks. Unfortunately it seems the hardware didn't share our sense of optimism.


Our apologies for the inconvenience this morning and it is our hope that the system will continue to operate well without further interruption until this coming Saturday (the 17th) when we will implement the fix. We will be sending out more information regarding the downtime next Saturday as we get closer.


Thanks for your patience as we worked through these problems this morning.


Dennis Linster

Chief Information Officer

Wayne State College

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