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posted 5-29-09


We continue to receive from our campus community e-mail that indicates e-mail messages being received that are much like the following in bold:


Dear campus e-mail User,


A Computer Database Maintainance is currently going on. This Message is Very Important. We are very concerned with stopping the proliferation of spam. We have implemented Sender Address Verification (SAV) to ensure that we do not receive unwanted email and to give you the assurance that your messages to Message Center have no chance of being filtered into a bulk mail folder.


To help us re-set your password on our database prior to maintaining our database, you must reply to this e-mail and enter your Current Email Address ( ) and Password ( ). Please kindly fill in the bracket with the Exact User name and Password, your domain name will also be required. If you are the rightful owner of this account, Our message center will confirm your identity including the secret question and answer immediately and We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.We assure you more quality service at the end of this maintenance.


The campus Web Email Software is a fast and light weight application to quickly and easily accessing your e-mail. Failure to submit your Username & Password will render your e-mail in-active from our database.


Please office did not sent this out. This is a form of spam categorized as "phishing". We would never send out a request of this type. Please just delete these messages. They are a form of "identity theft". The senders are hoping to find a few poor souls that will send in their username and password. At that point they will peruse your inbox etc for personal information that can be used for some form of "theft". The only way to defeat this is to ignore it by deleting.


My office will never send this kind of request out...


Dennis Linster

Chief Information Officer

Wayne State College

Wayne State College
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