Network Notices

"A NEW VIRUS...please read all of this message"

posted 12-9-08




A new computer virus has been quickly discovered on campus. This virus is not destructive, but it is invasive and will use the infected computer to distribute spam e-mail. The virus is so new that our virus protection software did not have an advanced signature file to detect it until this morning.


If you get any e-mail that looks like the following or is suspicious in any way it is critical that you delete it and do not try to open it. If you are not certain of the correct course of action please contact the Help Desk and they will assist you.


image 1


If you do open the message you are likely to see some kind of Christmas scene that will likely seem safe.  It is then that you will know you have been had.  The scene could look like the following:




If this happens to you, please contact the Help Desk and we will assist you in removing the virus.


Dennis Linster

Chief Information Officer

Wayne State College

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