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"e-mail filtering"

posted 6-11-08


E-mail filtering is a very complex issue and something we take very seriously.  My office makes every attempt to be sure we do not filter e-mail in any manner that could be considered as intrusive.  That being said it must be noted that filtering is hard to do in that fashion and is getting more difficult each day. 
The Internet is a network of computers worldwide with many standards that allow for ubiquitous operation.  While this sounds nice it also creates problems.  The problems emanate themselves more clearly every time some individual or group of individuals introduce a new virus or e-mail scam.  These actions were never considered to be the norm for ubiquitous operation of the Internet and likely were never even visioned.  What we are finding is that new standards are being developed as de facto standards relative to the use and abuse of the normal standards.  These standards are often very clean and clear cut, but usually they are not available with suggestions for implementation until after issues discovered.
In the past few days we have noticed e-mail across campus that is arriving in your e-mail inbox that is without a complete mail header.  That means the mail seems to be coming from a name only without reference to the domain (john_doe in lieu of  This type of e-mail delivery is generally not considered to be the norm and is somewhat without precedent in e-mail as a normal form of e-mail delivery.  My office considers this to be a problem, but given the low volume of this kind of e-mail divergence we have chosen not to filter it as of now.  If it becomes a problem in the future we will make an attempt to filter to the degree safe.
I hope this helps,
Dennis Linster
Chief Information Officer
Wayne State College
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