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Network Accounts

All students receive accounts on the WSC computer network. The login and password for the WSC network are also integrated with the WSC student email system (Willy Webmail) and our remote access system (e-Campus). All students receive automatically generated login names at the time of being of being accepted to WSC. The login name consists of the following:

  1. The first two letters of your first name.
  2. The first four letters of your last name.
  3. A two-digit number (01 for most people, but people with common last names often have larger numbers).


Wayne State College is implementing a new password policy to better protect your account and the data in your account.


Here is a full list of password requirements.


If you forget your password or it expires you will either need to utilize the “I forgot my password” link on the eCampus main page ( or contact the Help Desk at (402)375-7107 for alternative options.


Remember, the campus network account password is also your password for Willy Webmail and eCampus. If you change your password on the network, it will also change your password on these other resources as well.



Students can also access many of our computing resources from off-campus. The e-Campus login and password are the same as on your WSC Network Account (see above). Resources available on e-Campus include access to your network (J) drive, access to library research databases, and links to Willy Webmail and WildcatsOnline.


e-Campus can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer at


Willy Webmail

All students receive email accounts on our Willy Webmail system. Account logins and passwords are the same as on your WSC Network Account (see above). Willy Webmail can be accessed via eCampus through the “Online Resources” tab. Each students email address is formed by putting their login name in front of the suffix Thus, the email address for John Smith (login josmit01) would be


SAKAI/Online Education

Students taking online classes get accounts on our online courseware system, Sakai, which is also found under the “Online Resources” tab while logged into eCampus (students must be enrolled in an online course for this link to be available).


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