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Help Desk

How to Get Help: For Faculty/Staff


The Help Desk should be called primarily to report critical problems that must be addressed immediately. Non-critical problems should be reported to the departmental Office Assistant, Dean, Department Chair or Director who will enter the work order into the Trouble Ticket database.


Examples of critical problems include:

  • When equipment in a Distance Education room malfunctions during a class
  • When equipment or network failures occur while teaching in a computer lab
  • When computers and/or projectors malfunction during a class (and a backup projector is not available in the building)
  • When office computers or printers will not work (make sure you have tried to reboot first)
  • When a critical software application fails to work
  • When you have forgotten your password 

Examples of non-critical problems that should be reported to the Office Assistant include:

  • Malfunction of an individual computer in a lab
  • Malfunction of a non-critical software application (Use your discretion)
  • Minor malfunctions of office computers (Any minor problem you can live with for 24 hours)  

The following scenarios fall outside the mission of the Technology Help Desk and should never be called in to this location:

Address the following requests with your Dean, Department Chair, or Director.

  1. Requests to order new software
  2. Requests to order new hardware
  3. Requests to have technology equipment moved (temporarily or permanently)
  4. Requests for establishing new services

Requests for workshops or specialized training should be addressed to Eddie Elfers


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