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WSC CMS Request for Proposal

WSC CMS RFP Vendor Questions & Answers

Published: 8-27-2013 11:00 am

Question: How many site administrators/editors will there be?
Answer: We currently have roughly 35 content editors on campus and expect that number to grow with the implementation.  There will be fewer than 5 site admins.

Question: Is translating the website into multiple languages part of this project scope? If yes, what languages?  Do you use or plan to use a professional translation service?
Answer: No

Question: Is any of the existing website content in a database?  If so, what type of database, will we have access to that during the project and what type of content?
Answer: No

Question: Can you provide a list of features you want on the website?  Some examples would be Blog, Press Releases, FAQ Section, Knowledge Base, Calendar and Event Registration, article commenting, etc.
Answer: This is largely answered in section 8.1.5 of the RFP.  Please list what modules you can provide as a value add in addition to what is specifically requested in 8.1.5

Question: Are there any ecommerce requirements for this project?
Answer: This is answered in

Question: Will there be any private content on the, only accessible to registered/logged in users?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are there any specific mobile devices that need to be supported?
Answer: No

Question: Do you use a service such as YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos?  If yes, which one and will all videos be hosted with the same service?
Answer: Yes, YouTube and uStream currently.

Question: We noticed a URL not mentioned in the RFP  Is this being integrated into the new CMS as part of Phase 1?  If yes, can you provide screenshots or process diagram of the current process?
Answer: Myapplication is not in scope for this project.

Question: Are there any external or 3rd party applications to be integrated with the website?  If yes, what are they?  Have you already done integration with these applications?  If yes, can these interfaces be reused?
Answer: There are many 3rd party applications integrated to our environment (part of phase II).  For the most part, these are sign sign-on integrations (with eCampus authenticating users and then passing authentication through to various other systems).  We cannot determine if interfaces can be reused without knowing the architecture of your solution.

Question: Do you require Active Directory integration as part of Phase 1?
Answer: Section 8.2.3

Question: Do you know what your server configuration will be?  Will you require development, integration, staging and production environments?
Answer: We cannot know server configuration without understanding the solution architecture.  This is the respondents responsibility in section 10.

Question: Where will the environment(s) be hosted?
Answer: You have been asked to provide multiple approaches to this.

Question: What is the proposed budget and timeline for this project?  Are you looking for implementation budgets for both Phase 1 and 2 at this time?
Answer: We will not answer this question.

Question: What Wayne State College resources will be available for this project?
Answer: One graphic designer, one web developer and partial FTE drawn from college relations and the content editor pool.

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