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WSC CMS Request for Proposal

WSC CMS Vendor Questions & Answers

Published: 8-23-2013 9:10 am

Question: In 7.1.1, reference is made to campus information kiosks. What exactly is display on these? e.g. selected information in slide-show format for the large format kiosks? Selected information and interactive forms for the touchscreen kiosks?
Answer: This URL points to all current kiosks at:

Question: With reference to ('The solution must integrate with existing security protocols and technologies'), could we have more detail on this requirement please? For example, which security protocols and technologies, and where integration is required (e.g. front-end or back-end authentication).
Answer: We utilize a single sign on architecture on campus, utilizing Novell eDirectory and Microsoft ActiveDirectory.  Those directory architectures are synchronized on the back end and all new applications we deploy must integrate with one of the two for authentication of all end-user accounts.  

Question: With reference to and, is authentication and integration with Active Directory/LDAP required for the back end (i.e. CMS users) or the front end (i.e. website visitors)?
Answer: For both

Question: With regard to (content localization), can you please provide a ‘use case’ example of how content might change based on a user’s location?
Answer: An applicant coming in from the State of Iowa might see content related to Iowa tuition rates.  A student coming in from the city of Sioux City Iowa might see information related to our South Sioux City satellite campus.

Question: describes a requirement for 'toll-free customer support 24/7'. Do you require that this be via telephone, or would online support meet this requirement?
Answer: If online support is real-time interactive, yes.

Question: In order to provide the most accurate, and relevant options for hosting infrastructure, can the college please provide the following additional information:

  • What is the current infrastructure on which your web estate is hosted? For example, number of servers, whether virtualized, whether load-balanced etc. Answer: 1 virtual machine hosting multiple virtualized hosts running on a blade server, no load balancing.  4GB of memory, 4 processor cores, 32bit OS.
  • Total number of web server requests per day (all requests - not just page requests) Answer: All stats are available for RFP respondents at:
  • Total number of pages per hour the site handles at peak times Answer: All stats are available for RFP respondents at:
  • How many files are available for download Answer: Primary web space (www) ~3,400 PDF files, ~800 HTML files, ~4,500 PHP files, ~12,300 Image files -- Total web space (all hosts) ~7,100 PDF files, 2,600 HTML files, ~11,200 PHP files, ~101,700 Image files
  • Estimated total size of the files Answer: 22GB of data in our primary web space (www), 43GB total web space of all hosts
    If you can, please also provide the following information:
  • What change (how big of an increase/decrease), if any, is expected in the number of web pages which will be provided in the new CMS? Answer: We anticipate that the expected number of pages will by roughly 50% as many of the existing pages are woefully out of date.
  • What change, if any, is expected in the number of files available for download in the new CMS? Answer: Same as above.   
  • What change, if any, is expected in visitor traffic over the next 1-5 years? Answer: This is very difficult to anticipate as we hope that the CMS will dramatically change the effectiveness of our web based communications.  We would hope an annual increase of 10-25%.

Question: How many of each of the following do you anticipate will require training in the new CMS?
  • Content editors  --  up to 50
  • Web administrators  -- up to 5
  • Developers – up to 5
  • Designers  -- up to 3
  • Sysadmins – up to 3

Question: Would you prefer direct training of all CMS users by the selected vendor, or a 'train the trainer' approach where a College trainer delivers content editor training? If the latter, how many College trainers would be available for this?
Answer: The College will entertain the option of doing a train the trainer approach for Content editors.  Training for other cohorts should be done directly.  Respondents should plan on directly training a cohort of 10 editors.

Question: 1.2 'Purpose' states that "the Respondent will also provide, either directly or through partners, optional implementation assistance to help with best practice implementation design, migration of existing pages and search engine optimization." Can the College please confirm whether web design services, and website build services, are in scope of this procurement, either as mandatory or optional items? If yes, how should we itemize these on the pricing schedule - are we free to add line items to the schedule?
Answer: Web design services and website build services are in scope of this procurement as optional items.  The value of these services will be taken into account when determining the total economic value of proposals if the total cost of the proposal is within the College’s budget.  You are free to add line items to the schedule.  If you intend to provide these services as a value add to the proposal it would be prudent for you to provide information as to the typical educational price of such services (you may be asked for documentation to justify that the price is, in fact, typical).

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