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WSC CMS Request for Proposal

WSC CMS RFP - Vendor Call Questions and Answers

Published: 8-16-2013 4:20 pm

Are you planning on doing a redesign?


Who is doing the redesign?
   Depends on the responses - the college is interested in options from respondents and would favor working with a strategic partner to accomplish redesign if budget permits

What about the fall implementation - is that finished date?
   No - fall is the implementation start date - finish will be negotiated based on the implementation options offered by the contractor.

Has a content audit begun?
   Yes - it will be available to the contractor.

Do you want exact estimates for migration?
   No - please provide estimates for migration based on similar customers or some sort of comparable metric.

What is included in Phase I and Phase II?
   Phase I -
   Phase II - other sites mentioned in the RFP definition of the current landscape
   Other sites will be spun up - local non profits and teaching sites - those costs should be provided for software and hosting purposes but are not to be included in the implementation costs.

Does the college want business process/publishing flow redesign assistance?
   The college has a diverse and large group working on the RFP that is tasked with coming up with new publishing processes and guidelines, but if vendors wish to provide guidance as a value add or optional component to their response, we would welcome reviewing those.

Mobile device apps - vs - which would the college like to see?
   The college remains interested in either (or both) device agnostic and device specific mobile app capabilities. Responses will be judged on their capabilities.

Hosting - on site or remote?
   The college remains open to both options and understands the potential benefits of both. Respondents should understand that WSC is largely residential and rurally located, with limited options for redundant bandwidth. Respondents are encouraged explore hybrid options to provide disaster recovery capabilities, so that WSC could maintain at least a limited emergency web presence to communicate with constituents in the event of a campus disaster that destroys the data center.

Platform - lamp or .net?
   The college has more experience with the LAMP platform but has skilled and eager learners and will choose a solution based on the best functionality and adapt to that technology.

How many named users do we anticipate for Phase II?
   5000 frequent - 12000 additional infrequent.

What pricing model would the college prefer?
   The college would prefer to understand its long term costs up front and not have to limit functionality because additional users and/or modules require additional expense. That being said, respondents should understand that the budget for this project is not unlimited.

   The training categories are outlined in the RFP. WSC expects to see options for administrative, technical and content manager training.

Please describe the college's vision for future use of online forms
   The college currently receives more requests for online forms than we can process based on staffing constraints. The college wishes to enable end users to make more use of online forms without significant technical assistance.

Should the CMS support payment processor integration and, if so, who?
   WSC currently uses touchnet integrated with the Peoplesoft Campus Solutions system. The college is not currently licensed for other use of touchnet, but there is demand on campus to do so. If the CMS solution can help to establish a sufficient number of use cases to justify the added expense for touchnet licensing, it would be beneficial to the campus. The WSC foundation, which is a separate legal entity but uses WSC website resources, uses and this integration needs to be supported for Phase I.

What 508 compliance level does the college desire?
   WCAG 2.0

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