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WSC CMS Request for Proposal

WSC CMS RFP - Vendor Questions & Answers

Published: 8-7-2013 9:10 am

Question 1  The RFP says: "Responses will be placed in sealed envelopes marked as noted in section 3.1.1, received at the location specified in 3.1.2 until the time specified in 3.1.3, at which time and place the bids will be publicly opened.  A complete proposal shall consist of the items listed in section 3.1.5."

The mailing address listed section 3.1.2 is:

Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance
Hahn Administration
Wayne State College
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE  68787

Would you like us to mailing the RFP to your attention or just to the address listed above?

Answer 1  To the address listed above.

Question 2  The RFP says that Wayne State College would like an Original Proposal, One Electronic, Copy, and One Electronic Copy without any proprietary information, suitable for responses to public records.

Regarding the Original Wayne State College looking for just 1 hard copy?
It sounds like you're requesting just 1 hard copy, but we want to make sure this is correct.

Answer 2  That is correct - only one hard copy.

Question 3  Section 5.1.5
Provide resumes of the typical or proposed management team for an account such as the College's.

Are you looking for our resumes or sample resumes for putting together a CMS team?

Answer 3  We are looking for what kind of team you would assemble from your staff to manage WSC's account.

Question 4 The Solution user interfaces should be consistent with current productivity applications.

Do you mind providing more information here regarding what you mean by current productivity applications?

Answer 4  Microsoft Office would be fine as a reference point.

Question 5 The Solution should support user customization of web experience based on user role.

What does user role refer to? Do you mind providing us with an example of a role?

Answer 5   Faculty, Staff, Student, Applicant, Student in school X, Football player, anonymous user coming from geolocation in Nebraska for examples.

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