Graduate Assistantships


Wayne State College is authorized to award Graduate Assistantships in each graduate major field. These assistantships provide a teaching stipend for the academic year, plus tuition, and permit the holder to enroll for no more than nine (9) hours of graduate work while completing a teaching or non-teaching assignment. 


Consideration for Graduate Assistantships is given only to applicants who plan to earn the graduate degree at this institution. Candidates must have a scholastic record above average, teaching experience, and appropriate recommendations.


Graduate Assistantships are offered either on a full-time basis (fall and spring semesters, compensation of $5,000 and 18 hours of tuition waiver) or a part-time basis (either fall semester or spring semester, compensation of $2,500 and 9 hours of tuition waiver).


The load for a student assigned to an academic area will be (a) teaching the equivalent to six (6) credit hours at the undergraduate level, or (b) providing non-teaching program assistance, approximately 16-20 clock hours, or (c) completing an equivalent combination of teaching and non-teaching assignments.  The load for a student assigned to a non-academic area will be determined by the appropriate Vice President.


The Application for Graduate Assistantship Position can be obtained from the Graduate Office. It must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Office at Wayne State College by April 1. The assistantships awarded for the following year will be announced on or near April 15.


Application documents can be emailed to you or sent to you via the U.S. Postal Service.  Please make your request by sending an e-mail to:

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