Dining Facilty Policies


Certain policies and procedures must be followed to maintain a cost-effective and efficient dining program. We invite you to select and eat what you like in the dining hall; however, due to government health regulations, removal of food, glassware, utensils and china is not permitted without the expressed permission of the Director of Dining Services. The Health Depatment requires shirt and shoes to be worn in the dining facilities at all times.


Seconds Anyone

An all-you-care-to-eat policy, with the exception selected entrees, permits you to return for additional servings.  Remember, to eliminate waste, please take what you want, but eat what you take.


Feeling Sick

To receive a meal when you are sick, you (or a friend) must bring in a dated doctor’s note or a signed note from your Dorm Director and your ID.


Sack Lunches

A sack lunch program is available for students with conflicting class schedules, those who are employed during meal periods and those embarking on student teaching.  Arrangements can be made in the Wayne State Dining Office located in the back of the Main Dining Hall.


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