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Your costs at Wayne State College are determined by the number of credit hours you take each semester. A typical Graduate student averages nine (9) hours each semester. A typical Under-Graduate student averages fifteen (15) hours each semester. You must take at least six (6) credit hours in a semester to be eligible for financial aid.


Online Tuition:

A one-time $15 matriculation fee for new students will be assessed.


Effective (2014-2015)

Cost Per Credit Hour Cost for 6 Credit Hours Cost for 9 Credit Hours Cost for 12 Credit Hours
Undergraduate $225.00 $1,350.00 $2,025.00 $2,700.00
Graduate $281.25 $1,687.50 $2,531.25 $3,375.00


College Bookstore Payment Plan



Upcoming Deadlines
March 2015


Mid-term break – no classes


Deadline for mid-term grading


Spring Assessment Retreat; no classes after 12:00 noon


Mid-Terms mailed to students

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