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"We Agree" campaign unveiled Tuesday


Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 8:09 AM CDT


A new joint venture between Wayne State College and Northeast Community college to address collegiate drinking behaviors, especially those associated with disruptive house parties was unveiled Tuesday at Wayne State College.


The press conference was attended by Pete Rizzo, director of residence life at Northeast Community College, Dr. Jeff Carstens of Wayne State College, Chief Bill Mizner of the Norfolk Police Division, and Sgt. Marlin Chinn of the Wayne Police Department. Tim Young, president of the Northeast Student Government Association, and Joe Whitt, Wayne State College Student Senate president, also spoke from a student's perspective.


The We Agree campaign is funded with a grant from the Nebraska Collegiate Consortium to Reduce High-Risk Drinking and the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department.


"There are lots of misconceptions about the life of a college student," Rizzo said. "One of those misconceptions is that every college student drinks alcohol. That is simply not true. Many choose not to drink alcohol. "This We Agree campaign wants to get that message across to students, especially incoming, freshman students," Rizzo continued. "We want them to know that they can have a great, fun, collegiate experience without using alcohol."


Campaign leaders also acknowledged that alcohol consumption occurs among college students. They also know that many host small house parties with no problems at all. They also know, however, that some parties, especially house parties, can be disruptive to neighbors. With that in mind, the We Agree campaign leaders want those individuals to understand that parties can be detrimental to students, their guests, the landlords, the neighbors, and the neighborhood.


To avoid legal problems, the We Agree campaign will advise students hosting a party to limit the numbers they invite, allow only those they know in to the party, prohibit illegally parking, keep the noise down, and the party inside. They also advise getting to know neighbors and to talk through potential problems or complaints.


The We Agree campaign will include door tags in the residence halls with warnings about legal consequences of illegal drinking activities. Table tents will soon be set up in the Sunset Plaza in Norfolk.


"We are extremely grateful to the Nebraska Collegiate Consortium to Reduce High-Risk Driving and the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department for the funding that allows us to conduct this We Agree campaign," Dr. Carstens said. "We look forward to watching it unfold so our students can have a safe, yet fun, collegiate experience."


Chinn said the Wayne Police Department is very pleased to be part of the We Agree Campaign with the Norfolk Police Division, Northeast Community College, and Wayne State College.


"This campaign is one more step in the education of our youth to help promote positive decision making about alcohol usage and the parties associated with it," Sgt. Chinn said. "The educational information of the campaign provides the tools to promote a safe and positive lifestyle in the community and throughout their collegiate career."


For complete details, pick up a copy of The Wayne Herald or call (402) 375-2600 to start your subscription.






Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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