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TRUST Coalition > Meeting Minutes > October 13, 2004


Toward Responsible Use of Substances Today
(TRUST) Coalition Minutes
Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 3:30 p.m., Blue Stem Room


Present: Dan Baddorf, Lin Brummels, Curt Frye, Karen Granberg, Kathy Mohlfeld, Jason Mrsny, Troy Reynolds, Jacey Schwarz, Anne Willis.


Providence Medical Center continues to do EN-Care presentations regarding alcohol abuse and drinking and driving. The next presentations are October 19 in Neligh (recent death); October 26. Orchard and November 4 at Wayne Middle School.


Melissa Silvers and Greg Bachman, from Residence Life, did projects on alcohol issues for Homecoming this week. Melissa did a display of stories and pictures in Berry Hall entitled “It won’t happen to me . . . but it happened to these people”. The stories are mainly of students who died of alcohol poisoning or drunken driving. They will also be doing a luminaries display October 14. Greg created a game show of trivia questions that will be played in Pile Hall this week.


National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) is next week. Red Ribbon Week is the following week. Displays and information tables will be set up in the lobby of the upper level cafeteria for both events.

Committee/Workgroup Updates:


Education and Information Report: Contact Keith Willis at 375-7210 for more information on the next meeting.

  • Myth vs. reality trivia questions/quizzes with WSC social norms were taken by 19 students last week. They were rewarded with soda pop and/key chains for participating. This will be done once a month during “Steak Night” at the cafeteria. Jessica Martinez did the banner for the program.

Neighborhood Relations: Contact Kathy Mohlfeld at 375-7321 for more

  • Fatal Vision Goggles demonstration was Saturday, September 25 at the WSC football game (Family Weekend). SADD did a shirt display of the alcohol related traffic fatalities in Nebraska in 2003 (121). SAAC did the obstacle course demonstration. The Nebraska State Patrol had a display of a pick-up truck rolling over that demonstrates what happens to an unbelted driver and child not in a car seat. SADD also had a table set up to distribute information. Coloring book pages were given to children and “Smarties” candies were given to people trying the goggles and walking the tape line. 135 shirts were donated to the Goodwill Store in Norfolk. See attached article from “The Stater.”

  • Pamida received approval from the Wayne City Council on October 4 to apply for a liquor license. We have until tomorrow to protest that application to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. Falls City was successful earlier this year in blocking a license from being granted to Pamida in their town. It only takes three signatures from residents of Wayne for a hearing to be called. The meeting will most likely be November 4 or 5. See attached article and the petition being passed around the meeting.

Policy and Enforcement: Contact Jason Mrsny at 375-7216 or Jason Karsky at 375-7139 for more information.

  • Kathy Mohlfeld applied for and was awarded a Professional Staff program improvement grant for $2,000.00 from the WSC Foundation to have a pilot run of the Safe Ride program. The program will run for a minimum of five Thursday evening’s using vans. Curt Frye reported that we will not be able to use college vans. He will look into securing other transportation. The Safe Ride program is slated to begin next semester. We will use this semester to work on advertising, policies, and hiring drivers and security. See attached articles from “The Stater”.

  • The Nebraska State Highway commission might be providing funding for advertisement of the Safe Ride Program.

  • Congressman Tom Osborne has co-sponsored legislation, the Sober Truth on Preventing (STOP) Underage Drinking Act, aimed at preventing and reducing underage drinking based on the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Science report released earlier this year, see attached. Congressmen Hagel and Nelson were sent letters by Kathy Mohlfeld asking them to support the act.

Social Environment: Contact Lin Brummels for more information at 375-7321.

  • Counseling Center work/study students will work on posters. The focus will be on getting the information on the website.


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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