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TRUST Coalition > Meeting Minutes > November 3, 2004


TRUST Coalition
Meeting Minutes


Present: Ashley Andorfer, SAAC, Monica Novak, SAAC, Troy Reynolds, Ministerial Association, Jason Karsky, Criminal Justice faculty, Ron Vick, Karen Granberg and Lin Brummels, Counseling Center


The agenda was reviewed and several items discussed.


1. Providence Medical Center has reported 15 acute alcohol poisoning cases since January 2004. There were several questions about how many of this group were WSC students, high school students, community members, etc.


2. The group discussed the Residence Life project which displayed pictures of people who died of alcohol poisoning. The display was initially set up in Berry Hall, then traveled to the Student Center and finally spent about a week at Wayne High School. The Principal of Wayne High School called today to say thank you to Kathy Mohlfeld and John Sinniger for hanging the display at Wayne High. He will be sending a “thank you” letter also.


3. The NCAAW and Red Ribbon week activities were reviewed. The displays in the upper cafeteria were quite effective (including the pictorial display of the meth lady), attracting the attention of the Board of Trustees during their visit to campus last week.


4. The “Tie One On For the Holidays” program presented by Norman Small and sponsored by The Wayne City Council, GAMMA, SADD, Support Staff Senate and Student Senate was described and discussed. The community is being asked to sign pledges not to drink and drive over the upcoming Thanksgiving to New Years holiday.


5. Committee reports:

a. Education and Information – Social Norms quiz prepared by Connie Bargstadt and Austin Rodriquez will be available 11/4/04 on Steak Night in the student cafeteria. Key chain and pop rewards will be given to participants.


b. Neighborhood Relations – This group initiated a petition to protest the addition of a class D liquor license to the Pamida store in Wayne. Two WSC staff, a member of the ministerial association and two students will be traveling to the hearing in Lincoln on 11/4/04 to present testimony.

c. Policy and Enforcement- This group has been working on the Safe Ride Program. They are waiting for the administration to lease a van so they can advertise the program to begin in January 2005. Curt Frye has contacted a few places and will continue to work on this contract.


d. Social Environment – This committee is preparing a twice monthly flyer of events and advertising those events on the TRUST website.

Projects for the future:

  1. Work with SAAC to sponsor a social event at a game this winter.
  2. Invite a representative from the EN-Care group at Providence to come to make a presentation to the TRUST coalition.
  3. Work with Network Services to find a more direct site on the homepage for the TRUST coalition address. This would make it possible to have a much shorter and easier to remember address.

Lin Brummels for Kathy Mohlfeld


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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