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TRUST Coalition > Meeting Minutes > December 3, 2003


Toward Responsible Use of Substance Today
(TRUST) Coalition

December 3, 2003 at 2:30 p.m., Meadowlark Room


Members present: Dan Baddorf, KTCH; Lin Brummels, Counseling Center; Karen Granberg, Counseling Center; Sr. Cynthia Hruby, Coop CM & Newman; Jason Karsky, Criminal Justice; Kathy Mohlfeld, Counseling Center; Jason Mrsny, Security; Troy Reynolds, Ministerial Association; Bill Triick, Wayne Chamber of Commerce; Ron Vick, Counseling Center; Deb Weber, Counseling Center; Lance Webster, Wayne Police Department.


2003 Core Alcohol and Drug Survey Executive Summary:

The Executive Summary and an article in the Wayne Stater were distributed and the results were discussed. The students will be surveyed again in March, 2004.


Key findings on use of alcohol were: 91.3% of the students consumed alcohol in the past year, 79.3% of the students consumed alcohol in the past 30 days, 74.6% of underage students (younger than 21) consumed alcohol in the previous 30 days, 56.5% of the students reported binge drinking in the previous two weeks.


Key findings on the consequences of alcohol and drug use were: 48.5% reported some form of public misconduct (such as trouble with police, fighting/argument, DWI/DUI, vandalism) at least once during the past year as a result of drinking or drug use.


The average number of drinks consumed per week at this institution is 6.9 drinks. The national average is 5.2 drinks. The percentage of students who report having binged in the last two weeks is 56.5%.

Problematic experiences: 55.4% of the students drove a car while under the influence.

2004 NCAA CHOICES Grant application ideas:

  • Professionals-In-Residence (PIR) - 5 day visit to Betty Ford Program
  • Athlete’s activity is not for entertainment but for educational purposes.
  • Fatal Vision Goggles or a Breathalizer demonstration at basketball or volleyball games.
  • Public issues forum like Chuck Parker did.
  • Need volunteers to help write the grant, contact Kathy Mohlfeld.
  • · Due date: 2-13-04

Updates from Workgroups/Committees:

  • Policy & Enforcement Report:
    • Safe Ride Program - Waiting for approval of the proposal (pending because of money) from the President’s Office - mistake in the article in the Wayne Stater stated that the program was starting in January, 2004. Wrote letters to the editor regarding the error and contacted Curt Frye, Interim President, to clarify the mis-statement.

  • Social Environment Report:
    • Flyers are being distributed twice a month that list social events in and around Wayne.

    • Flyers tell what there is to do at Wayne State College socially. It was suggested that this information could be put in the Wayne Stater but would be too expensive. Another suggestion was to list a website in the Wayne Stater each week with these activities.

  • Neighborhood Relations Report:
    • Next meeting: Monday, 12-3-03 at 2:30 p.m., Counseling Center Group Room, Student Center, Room 103

    • Discussion regarding three NU Directions speakers for next semester who will talk about how they started their Responsible Hospitality Council (RHC). NU Directions is the UNL Alcohol Education program

    • Continued working on format of program. Suggested the program be held in February with the speakers giving the presentation twice (possibly from 1-3 p.m. downtown and 4-5:30 p.m. on campus). There will be no fee for the speakers. The Neighborhood Relations Committee will distribute a flyer describing the event.

    • The Wayne Chamber of Commerce will consider co-sponsoring the event. Bill Triick talked about the Business After Hours program which is a networking/fundraising event in Wayne. Need to look at a different format--decided it should be approached with an educational component instead.

    • It was suggested that the NU Directions presentation be open to anyone who offers hospitality services including Texaco, Subway, Pizza Hut, Rain Tree, etc. Lance Webster will provide a list of establishments licensed to sell alcohol in Wayne. The President’s Office agreed to send an invitation to these businesses to attend our meeting.

    • We need to educate everyone regarding what the TRUST Coalition group does. Want to see a change (long term) in behaviors like those mentioned earlier in the Core Alcohol & Drug Survey. Bill Triick wants to set a goal. Karen Granberg said we need to get a dialogue going regarding working together as a team before setting goals.

    • Concerns expressed for providing safe alternatives to drinking and driving. Discussion was held regarding the Responsible Server program. Concern that businesses are serving liquor to those who have had too much to drink or are underage. The Responsible Server program teaches servers how to recognize intoxicated customers and professionally decline further service. It is a free on-line program.

  • Education & Information Report: No report at this time.

Please contact Kathy Mohlfeld at the Counseling Center at 375-7321 if you have any suggestions or concerns for the TRUST Coalition.


Respectfully submitted,
Deb Weber


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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