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Related Services > SAVE Program > SAVE Meeting Minutes > 09/20/2004


SAVE Coalition Meeting minutes September 20, 2004


In attendance: Jason Mrsny, Connie Bargstadt, Kathy Fink, Brook Jech, Brady Frevert, Lin Brummels, Ron Vick, Jamie Paulson, Curt Frye, Samantha Wolfe, Jeff Carstens, Jill Belt, Leslie Schulz, Kathy Mohlfeld, & Michelle Meyer.


The Minutes of the last meeting (7/12/2004) were read and approved.


Policy has been sent out to various campus personnal, it seems to be in holding pattern right now.


Deanna Woldt suggested we tailor the sexual assault checklist to accommodate sexual harassment complaints as well.


Todd Denny presented at new student orientation on Friday August 20th and the provided a training for trainers on Saturday. His presentations and time on campus received positive responses from everyone.


A presentation was made to the football players August 11th 90 players were in attendance. There was a brief presentation of information and the video “Tough Guise “was shown. No coaches were in attendance which may have reinforced the importance of this information. It was a way establishing contact and providing information to this campus group.


Jamie and Michelle have made presentation to 5 SIC classes and are scheduled for one more in October.


Update on Vagina Monologues, our campus campaign is being planned with performance dates of February 24, 25, 26 anticipated.


Connie Bargstadt our campus student health nurse reported on her week long SANE training attended at the end of August and first part of Sept. Connie feels it was very beneficial and has volunteered her time and services to act as an advocate for any students experiencing sexual assault.


Brett Sokolow a leading authority on Campus safety and risk issues will be providing a day long training on the Clery Act, Title IX and Judicial boards on September 24th. This training will be directed primarily at administration, faculty and staff.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a number of activities are planned including a candle light vigil on Sunday the 3rd with Haven House and also Haven House is bringing the Silent Witness project to Wayne and has agreed to have some of the witnesses be on display throughout campus.


Residence hall presentations have been scheduled. An awareness campaign called Black Thursday will be promoted and a postcard mailing of purple ribbons and information will be directed at all on campus residents. In addition a number of activities are planned through Bright Horizons in Norfolk and their service area.


The Peer Educator class will be hosting a presentation by a peer group from Hastings colleges called the CARE group (College Acquaintance Rape Educators) They will be sharing what the do on their campus and it’s effectiveness.


A number of students involved in various student organizations; SADD, PEN ,GAMMA ,and the Peer education class work with the SAVE program and Haven House on creating an entry for the WSC Homecoming parade.


The next CALCASA Institute, required of grantees will be in Chicago October 26-28.

Kavin Black our technical assistant specialist provided through CALCASA will be making an annual visit Nov. 14-15th. To se how we are doing and what he can do to help.


One of the Spanish Classes is working on translating our brochure and the Website.


Our next meeting is scheduled for October 18th at 2pm in the Student Activities rm

Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted

Michelle Meyer


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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