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Related Services > SAVE Program > SAVE Meeting Minutes > 10/18/2004


SAVE Coalition Meeting Minutes October 18, 2004

Call to order:

In attendance: Jamie Paulson, Jeff Carstens, Tanya Mitchell, Connie Bargstadt, Jason Mrsny and Michelle Meyer

Minutes from the September meeting were read and approved.


Old Business:


Policy: Lin and Michelle met with Dr Collings regarding the policy. Policy needs to be separate from operating guidelines so it is more useable.

DV Awareness Month:

Presentations in Bowen- 4 students 1 RA, Pile- 7 students I RA presentation given by 4 Peer Educators, Anderson/Neihardt-13 students and RA’s presentation given by 3 Peer Educators. These presentations coincided with the Silent Witnesses who were on campus through cooperation with Haven House. In addition the Silent Witness Candle Light Vigil took place Sunday October 3, 2004 in the Willow Bowl with 25 persons in attendance. This event was coordinated by Haven House with the assistance and support of the SAVE Program.


Homecoming Parade entry the Silent Witnesses and five students representing SADD, GAMMA, the Peer Educators and PEN participated with the support of Haven House and the SAVE Program. Candy with informational messages attached were distributed along the parade route.

Post card mailing: informational postcards with purple ribbons attached were distributed to all on campus students in their mailboxes.

Sokolow training: Approximately 20 persons took part September 24, in the three sections of training provided by Brett Sokolow covering the topics of; The Clery Act, Title IX and Judicial boards. Overall the training was well received.


Vagina Monologues: our campus group received approval for their Campus Campaign, committees have been designated and weekly meetings are on going, allocations have been received from several student organizations and groups. Anne Willis is making arrangements for budget account and code#.


CARE Group: 3 students from Hastings College traveled to WSC on 10/05 to share the presentation they provide to their Living and Learning classes with our Peer educator class and to share information, ideas and pizza with this group.


CALCASA Institute: October 27 and 28 in Chicago Jamie Paulson, Jeff Mrsny, Tammy Tyson, Michelle Meyer and Jeff Carstens will attend. Jeff will also participate in a special day of judicial training on the 26th.


New Business:


Field Visit: Kavin Black will be here from CALCASA to provide technical assistance to our program November 14 -16. An agenda is being set up for this visit. We hope to have Kavin provide a presentation, probably Monday evening while he is on campus in addition he will meet with SAVE Program staff, Counseling Center staff, Curt Frye and other MOU’s partners who supported the grant.


Training teleconference for semi-annual reports: On 12/7 University of Maine will be providing a training teleconference to facilitate our use of this on-line reporting form.

Translation of Brochure: Dr. Bruflat’s Spanish students have completed their work on the translation of the SAVE Program brochure, Jamie sent it over to Trudy Muir’s office so it can be created.




Jason reported that RAD will be reinstated on campus as a volunteer program, not as ideal as when it was offered for credit but maybe it can evolve back to that status. Jason does not have any information regarding the ACLU complaint that resulted in it’s withdrawal from the course schedule last semester.


Next meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2004 @ 2pm in the Student Activities rm.
Kavin Black will be a guest at that meeting – please try to attend.


Meeting adjourned:


Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Meyer


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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