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Related Services > SAVE Program > SAVE Meeting Minutes > 02/09/2004


SAVE Coalition Meeting minutes
February 9, 2004


Present: Kevin Harm, Jill Belt, Ilene Nichols, Derek Anderson, Jason Mrsny, Curt Frye, Andrea Kucera, Samantha Wolfe, Deb Scholten, Brandy Frevert, Karen Granberg, Lin Brummels, Paul Campbell, Jeff Carstens, JoAnn Bondhus, Connie Bargstadt, Jamie Paulson, Michelle Meyer.


Introduced program under the new name, The SAVE Program-Students Against Violence Everywhere Program.


Let coalition members know about Website link. Thanks were expressed to Ron Vick for his assistance in setting this up and also for the logo he created for the SAVE program.


Jill Belt, LMHP from Providence Medical Center, talked about SART (sexual assault response team), which is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and medical personnel to more effectively respond to victims and gather evidence in sexual assault cases. Jill indicated trainings that members of this team have received as well as upcoming trainings. Jill and Lance Webster have been appointed to a 20 member state task force to examine sexual assault in rural areas.


There was a victim treated last week in a possible drug facilitated sexual assault.
Jill stated that HIPAA privacy requirements prevent them from referring without a signed consent from the patient, but they are working to get those more often, and are making referrals to the WSC Counseling Center and Haven House when appropriate.

CALCASA Institute:

Tammy Tyson, Jason Mrsny, Jamie Paulson and Michelle Meyer had the opportunity to attend the first of six mandatory trainings sponsored by the Dept of Justice Office on Violence Against Women. This institute was in Universal City CA. CALCASA the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault has a contract with the DOJ, OVW to provide these trainees to campus grantees. The workshops and experience of talking with others doing this work was seen as beneficial and eye opening. Jason, Jamie and Michelle all shared a little of what they thought was of greatest benefit. Good information, good ideas, and good weather. The next Institute is in June In Minneapolis.

The Ad hoc policy committee has met once. Members include: Laura Barelman. Barb Black, JoAnn Bondhus, Lin Brummels, Jeff Carstens, Prearl Hansen, Michelle Meyer, Jamie Paulson, and Karen Walker.

  • It was recommended that the new Human Resources Director be invited to be part of this committee and process.
  • Minutes of that meeting can be read on the Website.
  • Information received at the CALCASA Institute increased the awareness that this is a very important and complicated endeavor. Questions have arisen about who our Title IX coordinator is and the role this title plays in the civil remedies related to gender violence on campuses, and the availability of that information to our students. We have also become aware as a result of the Human Resources audit that our existing Sexual Harassment Policy has some problems. We are currently waiting for a copy of the audit to determine where the problems lie and how our policy committee can address these problems.

Other items discussed:

  • SAVE Program staff meeting with R.A.'s regarding trainings and educational activities.
  • The first Dorm presentation sponsored by the SAVE Program with the help of the Peer Educators will be 2/10/04 in Anderson Hall.
  • A brochure created on sexual responsibility was passed around, for feedback from coalition members before it goes to a final print.
  • Lin Brummels also discussed the conversations occurring on campus regarding the development of a women's coalition or a Presidents council or commission on gender issues.
  • Samantha Wolfe provided the dates for the upcoming trainings occurring through Bright Horizons at the Life Long Learning Center in Norfolk. They begin Monday February 16th 2004 from 6:30-9:30 and continue on Mondays and Thursdays thru March 8, 2004. Continuing Education hours will be provided.

E-mail reminders will be sent out regarding the next meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, March 22, 2004 at 3:30 in the Student Activities rm. in the Student Center.


The meeting Adjourned at 4:30

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Meyer


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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