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Wayne State College
Counseling Center
Student Center, Rm. 103
1111 Main St.
Wayne, NE 68787

Phone: 402.375.7321
Fax: 402.375.7058



Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Wayne State College Counseling Center to provide free, confidential counseling services to the Wayne State College student body. The Counseling Center builds its services on the concept of eliminating obstacles to completion of the student’s academic goals. The Counseling Center provides personal, career, and academic counseling delivered through individual and group sessions. The Counseling Center also provides support services to student groups such as students who are non-traditional students, gay/lesbian and bisexual students, etc. Topical education is provided to the students for such issues as substance abuse, sexual assault, and eating disorders.




Wayne State College Counseling Services emphasizes short term psychological counseling and crisis intervention in the provision of counseling services. This emphasis is consistent with the mission of the College, the resources available to the Counseling Center, the population being served, and the availability of mental health services in the community. Although emphasizing short term work, Counseling Services staff see some students for longer periods of time. The following criteria are considered for on-going counseling:

a) The student is progressing or is likely to progress in counseling.

b) The student is unlikely to succeed academically without services.

Counseling plans are developed individually for each student. Staff consultation is available during regularly scheduled meetings. Counselors are expected to follow the Counseling Center supervision guidelines. It is also possible to consult with the Clinical Psychologist concerning at-risk students.




Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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