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Wayne State College

Sponsored by the Athletic Department
Counseling Center

August 21, 2006


The Ready, Set, Cook Program was attended by approximately 250 Wayne State College student athletes and coaches. This program was a nutritional exercise which challenged participants to prepare nutritional snacks from the ingredients made available to the group.


The Ready, Set, Cook program was fashioned after a NCAA workshop designed to promote the Champs, Life Skills Program. The Ready, Set, Cook program was funded by a grant from the Wayne State College Foundation written by the Director of Counseling and Athletic Director. The WSC Nutritionist organized the food by recipe groups. The student athletes were challenged to prepare nutritious snacks by working with the food on their assigned tables. When students had prepared their dishes, all items where shared with each other (see pictures). Recipes were distributed to students at the end of the program.


Student evaluations were positive with many statements about finding the activity fun and a good opportunity to meet athletes from other teams.


Thanks to all the coaches and athletes who attended the event. Thanks also to all of the people who helped set up the food groups and helped to clean up after the program. Thanks to the WSC Foundation for funding this event. Click here to see pictures of Ready, Set, Cook at Wayne State College.


View a Photo Album or listen to the archived NPRN broadcast of the event (Mike Marek, announcer)


Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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