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AOD Information > Alcohol 101 > "andling Medical Emergencies"


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Here's a checklist to remember when you party and encounter someone who is semi-conscious or unconscious:

Danger Signs

  1. Try to wake the person. Are they unconscious? Do they
    respond to pinching of the skin or shouting their name?
  2. Check their skin color and temperature. If the person is pale or
    bluish, or if the skin is cold or clammy, they may not be getting enough oxygen.
  3. Check their breathing. If the person is breathing irregularly, with a few breaths and then nothing for a while, or if they are breathing very slowly or shallowly, this is a sign that medical attention is necessary.

What Do I Do?

  1. Seek emergency medical help if your friend shows any of the above signs.
  2. Turn the person on their side and leave them only if necessary to call for medical assistance. If the person is on his or her side they may not choke if they get sick and vomit. Don't let them roll over onto their back.

What Shouldn't I Do?

  1. Don't assume your semi-conscious or unconscious friend will be O.K. sleeping it off.
  2. Don't let fear about how your friend may respond tomorrow prevent you from acting and getting help when they need it. It may be the greatest thing you could ever do in the name of friendship.
  3. By the way, the best way to handle the situation is to stop it before it happens to a friend or to yourself!




Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor




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