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The Continuing Education Office is frequently asked questions regarding the areas listed below. If the following information does not answer your question, please do not hesitate to call our office at 1-800-228-9972 ext. 7217



The appropriate Application for Admission must be completed online at Any necessary transcripts must also be on file before you will be admitted.  Questions about admission can be directed to  the Admissions Office 1-800-228-9972 ext 7235.




Once a student has been admitted, registration for off-campus classes can be completed online using WildcatsOnline or by calling the Continuing Education Office at 1-800-228-9972 ext. 7217.



Withdrawal from Class

Dropping a class prior to the beginning of the term may be completed online using WildcatsOnline or by calling the Continuing Education Office at 1-800-228-9972 ext 7217. Withdrawals for a single course can be done though WildcatsOnline or by calling the Continuing Education Office however a withdrawal from school can only be done over the phone or in person based on deadlines published in the school academic calendar.


NOTE: Refer to the General Catalog for the Refund Schedule



Tuition & Fees

NOTE: Tuition rates are determined by the level of the course. Courses 100-499 are charged undergraduate tuition rates.


Courses 500-799 are charged graduate tuition rates.




If a student graduated from a Nebraska high school, previously attended college in Nebraska as a resident, or works in Nebraska but lives out of state, he or she may also qualify for resident tuition. If a student has attended WSC as a non-resident and now resides in Nebraska, he/she must complete a Residency Application (contact the Records and Registration office). Application and approval of residency must be completed prior to the class beginning.




Books are available at the Wayne State College bookstore. Books may also be ordered by calling the bookstore directly (402) 375-7099, identifying what book is needed, and paying for it by credit card.




In order to use the college library the student must have a Wayne State ID card. An ID card may be obtained from the Business Office (402) 375-7224. Online library services may be accessed by clicking on “Library Services for Continuing Education Students” on the Continuing Education home page.




Final grades will be available to individual students immediately upon the grade being entered into the college system by the instructor at the end of the term. Grades may be accessed by using your WildcatsOnline account. Grade slips are no longer mailed.



Teacher Certification

If a continuing education class is being taken to renew teacher certification, contact the WSC Certification Officer at 1-800-228-9972, ext. 7577 for approval.


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