Jonathan Hartman

Math Teacher, Fremont Middle School
"This program is amazing! I have learned so much from the members of the community, more than I ever learned in any class. It's like having 40 professors, plus the facilitators push you to try new things and to expand your mind and way of thinking. The ability to take this class and be in the classroom at the same time allows for amazing things to take place. Ideas that I take from the weekend I can incorporate into my class right away and then bring back the results to my community the next month. The sharing of experiences is where the learning takes place. My walls have been broken and my ideas have been changed because of this class and for that I am thankful. I would strongly recommend this program to any teacher who really wants to become a better teacher! "



Kristy Brey

Kindergarten Teacher, Indian Hill Elementary
"I already tell others I love it! It's fun! Yes it's work but so well worth it! "



Mary Trehearn

English Teacher - Fremont High School
"This has changed the way I teach. My classroom is now student-centered and the kids love to come and share their experiences with their peers. Even those who say they used to hate English and not understand or do well in it, now say they love to come to class and enjoy learning. They’ve found success in my room-largely due to the concepts the learning community has given me. The learning community is a support system for life-long learners that provides listening, opportunities to share, emotional support, and friendship. The core values promote honesty and openness. It is problem solving, critical thinking, growing, sharing, caring, accountability, trust and inspiration all at the same time. The learning community must be experienced first hand to truly understand its strength – it’s almost impossible to explain how it works."



Tom Roff

Social Studies Teacher - Fremont Middle School
"The learning community was a much needed boost in re-energizing my passion for teaching, and that boost carried into other arenas as well. You not only transfer and evolve as an educator but you get to see others go through that process as well and that’s very powerful."


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