Elective Course Offerings




2014 Summer Elective Course Offerings


The non-workshop courses listed below are pre-approved by the Director of Graduate Studies for elective credit in the Curriculum and Instruction-Instructional Leadership Masters Degree offered through the Community of Learning Delivery Model.


H0 indicates course will have some face-to-face meetings with an online component.

W0 indicates course is conducted entirely online.


May-June (6W1)— 5.19.2014-6.26.2014

EDU 515H0  ESL Programs/Curriculum/Assessment (3) A course to examine programs providing approrpiate education for English Language Learners.  Curriculum will be evaluated relative to the research in second language acquisition.  Modules on formal assessment for placement and growth and informal (authentic) assessment will also be provided.  Clinical experience will be includeed.  Graduate students will complete an additional project relating to the theorists who have contributed to understanding of ESL programs, curriculum, and assessment.  (Meets 6/6, 13, & 20; Rest Web)

EDU 51680/81 ESL Methods and Assessment (3)  A course designed to examine methods appropriate for English Language Learners including sheltered English, total physical approach, comprehensions based and affective-humanistic approaches.  Techniques for an authentic (informal) assessment of Limited English Proficient students and goal setting based on results of formal assessment as well as clinical experience will be included.  Graduate students will complete a project relative to the use of appropriate methods or assessments of ELL (English Language Learner) students.  (516SS80 meets 6/9-20 in South Sioux City.   51681 dates and location TBA)


EDU 557W0/1 Human Relations in a Pluralistic Society (1) - A study of issues and sensitivity to biases in human relations as they impact people of a pluralistic society with varied histories, values, and lifestyles.  Develop abilities to recognize, and use strategies and skills to deal with dehumanizing biases, including, but not limited to sexism, racism, prejudice, and discrimination and promote respect for human dignity and individual rights, and celebrate the differences of individuals and groups in a pluralistic society that makes it viable.  5/27-6/26.


EDU 59601 APL Level 1 Instructional Skills  (3) In this course, students will examine and apply research-based instructional and organizational strategies featured in APL Associates Level 1 Instructional Skills Training.  The content of this course is developed in partnership with and approved by the APL Associates of Camillus, New York.  6/2-6/13.  Class meets in person at WSC 6/2-6/6.


EDU 604W0 - Language Arts in the Elementary/Middle School (3) A course designed to enhance instruction and assessment of elementary and middle level students' communication skills.   5/27-6/26.


EDU 648W0 Advanced Assessment and Interventions in Literacy (3)  Literacy assessment tools, techniques, bias, data analysis, and instructional interventions for grades PK-12.  Field experiences will be included.   5/27-6/26.


EDU 649W0 Instructional Leadership in Literacy (3)  Prerequisite:  EDU 642 and 9 hours of graduate level literacy course work.  Investigates various instructional leadership (e.g., mentor, coach, and director) roles for literacy professional and interpersonal skills required for such positions.  Field experiences will be included.   5/27-6/26.


EDU 682W0 - Developing and Integrating Technology in the Classroom (3) This is an advanced course in which students will further develop skills to use advanced technology for classroom presentations and interactive teaching/learning.  This course is also designed to integrate instructional principles and assessment practices with the use of technology in the classroom.  Students will develop a broader understanding of the application of technology in the curriculum of one's subject area(s) or grade level(s).



July (6W2)— 6.30.2014-8.7.2014                                                                                        


EDU 614W0 Mathematics in the Elementary/Middle School (3)  A course designed to enhance instruction and assessment of elementary and middle level students' knowledge, skills, and dispositions in mathematics.  6/30-7/31.


EDU 637W0 - Program and Teaching Strategies for Atypical Populations (3) This course presents a wide variety of methods and materials that can be used for individualized instruction:  computer-aided instruction; tutorial guidelines; independent study; community centered experiences; outcome based education; home-based programs; teacher student negotiated curricula; and distance learning.  The course builds on the basic knowledge of Advanced Educational Psychology to develop additional skills in teaching for life-long learning.  The skills developed are appropriate for all levels of learning, Pre-K through Adult Education.  6/30-7/31.


EDU 642W0 Foundations of Literacy (3)  The philosophy, history, and components including but not limited to phonics, comprehension, writing, and diverse learners of PK-12 literacy.    6/30-7/31.

EDU 647W0  Instructional Theory and Practice in Literacy (3)  Investigates various theoretical and practical methods of literacy instruction as well as the literacy needs of diverse learners.  6/30-7/31.


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