In early May 2011, Wayne State College received an invitation from the White House to participate in the President's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge for 2011-2012.


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The fundamental goal of this challenge is to build understanding amongst groups of diverse perspectives as they reach out to serve together on their campuses and in their communities.


Given WSC's commitment to both Service-Learning and our desire to embrace diversity, we have accepted the challenge. WSC was one of 250 institutions nationwide, and the only Nebraska college or university invited to attend a White House briefing on this challenge.
Because ‘Interfaith’ was a term we felt might be perceived as exclusive, we decided to call the WSC response to the President’s challenge:  Campus and Community Service Collaborations.


The 2011-2012 Campus and Community Service Collaborations has established these desired outcomes:

 1) Increase and improve campus and community intergenerational conversations regarding diversity by asking the question, “Why do we serve?”


 2) Use these conversations to bridge and bond relationships between campus and community partners.


3) Develop and strengthen campus and community partnerships as we work together to model the process of coordinating resources and generating funding for the support of low income families, and the strengthening of community.


Ultimately, it is desired that these collaborations will promote student leadership and reciprocal respect, as they foster supportive and transformational attitudes among campus and community members moving forward as global citizens.

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