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Guidelines for Final Report


Your Internship/Co-op final report is due within one week of completing your Internship/Co-op experience. Your final report needs to be written at a college-level by having correct grammar, punctuation and spelling and must follow the minimum guidelines below. 


Typed in 12 point font, double-spaced, two page minimum report with one inch margins

Your paragraphs must be cohesive and address the following topics:


State your description of job, workplace, duties and accomplishments.


Did your experience provide any new learning opportunities for you this semester?  Write at least one detailed paragraph about an important learning experience.


What skills have you improved on during your experience? And how or what made them improve?


Do you feel competent to handle all of the tasks that have been assigned to you on this job?  And how has that changed from the beginning to the end of your experience? Are there any skills that you feel you need to improve?  Could these needed skills be included in one of the classes taught in your major?  Please be specific about those tasks and skills.


What phases of your work did you enjoy most this semester? And the least?


What helpful instructions did you receive? Maybe tips that enabled you to do better on the job or those that helped prepare you for a career in your field from supervisors, co-worker, or others.


Do you feel this experience was beneficial? If so, why and what would you tell underclassmen - to encourage them to do an internship or co-op experience?


Email your final report to as a Word document.  Please note “Final Report” in the subject line of your email.

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