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An Internship experience is an academic program that allows students to use their academic knowledge within the business and professional world. Internships expand learning experiences through paid and unpaid positions in a supervised, educational work setting related to the student’s major field of study or career focus.


Internships can be held for a semester or summer. The length of time commitment is pre-defined by the employer.  Upon completion of the Internship, the employer may or may not offer to continue with the experience.   Enrollment is required and college credit or a transcript notation may be awarded. The student's weekly time commitment can range from 10 to 40 hours.


Employers interested in finding out more about more about these programs should contact our office.  If you have an Internship opportunity available you can post it for FREE on our online job board (Cat Tracks).  Please contact us for a Employer User Guide.


How Students Benefit From Internships

Beat the "catch 22". You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience
Test the waters in a chosen field and assess the suitability of your career choice before entering the workforce full-time
Apply academic knowledge and theoretical concepts to a practical work setting, which makes learning more interesting
Gain experience, receive academic credit and possibly earn a paycheck
Take advantage of the opportunity to live and work in other parts of the United States and abroad
Gain important soft skills (such as communication, teamwork, cooperation and interpersonal skills) essential to today's work environment
Learn more about the expectations and needs of employers
Develop independence and maturity
Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities
Enhance your resume writing, job search and interview skills
Acquire program-relevant work experience, which is a plus when applying to graduate school


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