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Homecoming 2007
SEPTEMBER 28, 29, 30


Dr. Anthony Koyzis presents the Outstanding Alumni Award from
the School of Education and Counseling to Nancy Bednar Bond '80

Dr. Vaughn Benson presents the Oustanding Alumni Award from
the School of Business and Technology to Douglas Hummel '84


Dr. Kevin Hill presents the Outstanding Alumni Award
from the School of Natural and Social Sciences to Lenny Klaver '80

Dr. James O'Donnell presents the Outstanding Alumni Award
from the School of Arts and Humanities to A. Thomas Schomberg '64



Saturday, September 29 - HOMECOMING HALL OF FAME



During half-time of the football game Brady Borner, Lisa Chamberlain Valencia, Ruben Mendoza, the 1991 Volleyball team and Marty Summerfield (posthumously) were introduced as inductees into the WSC Hall of Fame. These individuals were inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Homecoming/Hall of Fame Banquet held in the
Frey Conference Suite on Saturday evening.

1991 Volleyball team was coached by Nancy Clark, assisted by Phyllis Trenhaile and included: Tracy Atkins Rehberg, Tamara Augustin, Shannon Dunning Unger, Kristin Jaminet Gross, Angela Janovec Wibble, Nancy Kennedy, Lisa Kresha, Tracy Kuester-Burtwistle, Erin Konkoleski, Shelly Pick Johnson, Amber Lukowski Roewert, Karen Meier, Amy Newton, Tanya Rotherham Scheffler, Angie Schindler Berg, Lisa Skradski Bowen, Cassie Vescio Holdsworth, Stacey Wattier Scott, Cori Weinfurtner Loberg.

Brady Borner '02 and WSC Director of Athletics Eric Schoh.

Eric Schoh presents Lisa Chamberlain Valencia '94 with the Hall of Fame Award.

Nathan, Megan and Sheryl Summerfield accept the award from Eric Schoh in honor of Marty.

Randy Pedersen who resides in Wayne and is a 1971 graduate of WSC was the recipient of the 2007 Alumni Service Award at the Homecoming and Hall of Fame Banquet.

Randy Pedersen delivers his acceptance speech at the Saturday evening banquet.

Honored classes enjoyed the brunch buffet served in the Niobrara Room of the Student Center.

Class of '37

Esther(Klopping) Miller and Twila (Gildersleeve) Anderson

Class of '47

Ione (Dirks) Werthman and Maxine (Gauthun) Jensen

Class of '67

Frank Teach, James Parr, Marcia (Peterson) Gray, Bob Hope, Lynn Hansen, Janet (Allen) Taylor, Jim Taylor.

Class of '82

David Shively, Maggie Horak, Julie (Goff) Zoucha, Katy (Tedrow) Murphy, Bart Emanue.

Class of' 42
Richard Hesse, Florence (Kindler) Ferrin, Marjorie (Hook) Whitmore Art Gulliver

Class of ’57
Front: Harold and Joan McDermott, Bill Kimber, Geri Behlers, Nell Burnham, John Hejhal. Middle: Ted Tow, Gerald Bruning, Dorothy Thompson, Jim Hummel. LaVlee Johnson, Don Fuerhoff. Back: Brad Bigelow, Donna Hansen, Clarence Hedrick, Mike Johnson, Erik Radke, Larry Mitchell, Michael Hansen, Joe Konopik,
Don Dean.

70's Decade
Front: Bob Johnson ’75, Randy ’78 and Barb '76Hascall, Ernest ’75 and Catherine ’70 McMurtry
Back: C. Ray Diez ’72, Dana ’76 and Pam’79 Baker, Vicki ’76 Engelen, Jean ’76 Hillyer,
Judith ’72 Boelts, Kam Reeves ’79, Nancy ’80 and Brian ’77 Nissen, Anne ’74 Nolte,.


Class of '87

Lynell (Winquist) Sadeghi, Terri (Hadden) Groen, Kami (Helgren) Asbra, Sally (Joy) Klein, Cheryl (Overhue) Suehl.



Class of '97
Cody Hawley, Melissa (Weber) Hawley, Shannon (Briese) Fredricksen, Gina (Arterburn) Barber,

Gary Barber '96,Carrie and
Brad Evert '98.

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