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Online Advisor Service


Academic advising is an important part of the educational process in which advisors help students realize their potential. It is a partnership between students and faculty and staff. Advisors at Wayne State College College are dedicated individuals who want to help you succeed in reaching your academic goals.


An academic advisor is assigned to help students navigate their academic requirements at Wayne State College. Students with declared majors will be assigned faculty advisors. Undecided students will be advised by professional advisors in the Counseling Center.

This advising service can help you reach your assigned advisor. It is important to have your plans and progress checked by an advisor before registering for classes or making other academic decisions.


An academic advisor helps you develop an educational plan for your studies at the college, including development of strategies for dealing with the demands and pressures of your personal life or work. They can assist you in setting goals by helping you choose or clarify a major. Your advisor assists you to choose courses that fulfill your degree or program requirements and helps with developing a workable schedule.


You can also discuss your academic progress in the college with your advisor. If you are having a difficult time, your advisor might provide you with strategies to improve your performance. They will tell you about the resources that are available on campus for help with your study skills and can suggest college clubs or events if you are interested in participating. Your advisor will be a source of support and information for you while you are a student at the college.


Online Advising Guidelines:

  • Wayne State College tries to meet the needs of all students. In an effort to answer questions and concerns, we recognize that it may be more convenient to ask a question by e-mail rather than in person. We offer Online Advising as a supplement to meeting with your assigned advisor.

What Assistance is Available With Online Advising?

Online Advising Can...

  • Connect you with your assigned advisor to answer questions about program or degree requirements
  • Answer general academic advising questions, such as "Will Psychology 101 fulfill part of the General Education requirement?"
  • Provide information about registering for classes
  • Give information about college resources
  • Give information about general policies and procedures at the college
  • Connect you with the Admissions Office to learn how to apply to Wayne State College

Online Advising Cannot...

  • Send information about your personal records by e-mail
  • Provide personal counseling
  • Send your grades to you by e-mail
  • Take a message for your instructors, such as "I will be late for class today."

Tips for Using Online Advising:

  • To protect your privacy, never include your social security number with your e-mail.
  • Develop an educational plan. Seek career information if trying to decide on a major.
  • Have a copy of the latest course selections and the catalog available for reference.
  • Plan wisely. Do not wait until approaching deadlines before you seek help.
  • Recognize when an on-campus meeting with an advisor is needed or would be helpful.
  • Each semester plan a tentative schedule.
  • Be familiar with the college's web pages and online resources.
  • Provide relevant information when necessary, such as your major or curriculum year.
  • Be as clear, specific and direct as possible when asking your question. It will help the online advisor determine how to adequately address your needs.
  • Allow a reasonable amount of time for a response.
  • If your question is complicated, allow more time for an answer or research. Try resending your message if there has not been an acknowledgement within three working days.
  • Realize that questions about your personal records or that of another student will not be answered because the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act protect student records.
  • Keep a copy of all e-mail correspondence from the online advisor. Bring a copy if you need to meet face-to-face with an advisor.

If you have looked through our Advising Services website information and you still have questions or the information you are seeking is not online, contact Online Advisor. The online advisor works primarily with undeclared students. If you have specific questions about academic programs, please click on the academic school below that is relevant for your major. If you don't know which school to choose, the online advisor can forward your message to the appropriate academic area.


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Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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