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Advisor & Student Responsibilities in the Advising Process


Student's Responsibility

Within the first two weeks of classes:

  • Find out the name of your advisor (from the Academic Dean or the Office of Records & Registration).
  •  Make an appointment to see your advisor.
  •  Introduce yourself to your advisor.

Before your appointment with your advisor: 

  • Review the catalog and read the specific requirements which must be completed within your major/endorsement.
  • Make a list of possible future courses you wish to enroll in and jot down specific questions about the courses and your future plans.

During your appointment, visit with your advisor concerning:

  • Your life and career plans, academic goals, major field interest areas and electives.
  • Present the outline of your course work and talk about the time frame for program, course or degree completion.
  • Discuss the specific or general requirements which you have circled in your catalog with your advisor. Ask for clarification.

Prior to Registration

  • Make an appointment with your advisor.
  • Pick up your class schedule forms.
  • Review the class schedule and prepare a preliminary semester schedule.

Review with your advisor:

  • The courses for the next registration period recorded on your preliminary schedule.
  • How your next semester's classes fit in with your overall program.
  • Obtain your advisor's signature.

Periodically stop by and inform your advisor about how you are getting along.

* If you have a double major or endorsement it is a good idea to have an academic advisor for both fields of study.

Advisor's Responsibility

Obtain your advisees' names and folders from the appropriate academic departments.

Discuss your advisees' life plans and career goals with him/her.

Clarify and/or provide referral for questions concerning institutional requirements, policies, procedures, resources, and educational options.

Discuss enrollment in specific courses which relate to your advisee's career and academic goals, time frame for degree or program completion and application to general education or the student's major field of study.

Make suggestions to the student for additional course selection and/or enrollment.

Explain and clarify the function of general education, major field of study and elective courses.

Discuss with your advisee options such as pass/fail, drop/add, and other specific requirements and regulations.

Compare and contrast relationships between curricular and career regulations.

Encourage the student to think seriously and often about career options and opportunities. Refer the student to the Counseling Center or Career Services Office, if appropriate, for more career planning assistance.


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Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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