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Career Plannng: "What Can I Do With A Major In...?"


What Can I Do With a Major In Music?
(Applied Music Option / History, Composition, or Theory Option)


BulletStudents with a degree in Music could pursue a variety of career opportunities. Any career reflective of their skills, interests, values, personal style, etc., could be attainable with good self-marketing skills. Some career opportunities will require advanced study.


BulletMusic Instructor



BulletStudio Musician

BulletRecording Technician

BulletMusic Promoter

BulletRoyalties Broadcast Monitor

BulletTour Manager

BulletMusic Therapist (w/training)

BulletSymphony Orchestra Member

BulletMusic Stringer

BulletMusic Attorney (w/training)

BulletSinging Messenger

BulletArchitectural Acoustic Monitor

BulletConcert Soloist


BulletCruise Director

BulletMusic Copyist


BulletVoice Teacher

BulletMusic Reporter

BulletCustomer Service Representative

BulletArts Administrator/Manager

BulletDisc Jockey


BulletMusic Critic

BulletTalent Agent

BulletWholesale Distributor

BulletRecreation Director

BulletCantor/Soloist/Choir Member


BulletInstrument Service & Repair Specialist

BulletOrchestra Librarian

BulletFilm Music Director/Editor

BulletDisc Jockey

BulletArtist & Repertoire Person

BulletCommunity Choral Leader

BulletMusic Publishing Specialist

BulletSpecial Events Coordinator



To learn more about these careers, visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). The OOH can show you training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, working conditions, and more...


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American Guild of Musical Artists


Music Educators National Conference


American Symphony Orchestra League


American Music Therapy Association


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National Association of Schools of Music


National Music Publishers Association


Songwriters’ Guild of America


Society of Composers and Lyricists


American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada


Bullet"What Can I Do With A Major In...?" Bullet Personality & Careers Bullet



Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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