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Career Planning & Exploration: Career Decision Making



bulletConsider college as preparation for life.
bulletEnroll in general education courses with help of advisors.
bulletStudy the student guide to learn of resources available on campus.
bulletStart personal development activities (Career planning, Co-op Office).
bulletLearn the academic system; utilized the bulletin and schedule of courses.
bulletBegin to consider possible career choices. Pick up handouts on career center activities. Visit career planning lab. Attend career planning workshops.
bulletGet to know faculty, advisors, and administrators.
bulletKeep GPA up.
bulletSee Co-op Office about summer jobs related to major.

SUMMER VACATION: get a job--earn money--get work experience--learn to get along with people--develop maturity.


bulletComplete introductory courses in prospective major field.
bulletSelf-assessment: consider interests, strengths, skills, values, and abilities; attend career center workshop and career/life planning sessions.
bulletUtilize online career tools: Check "Quick Links" and other options avaialble under Career Planning and Exploration.
bulletBegin to research employers.
bulletExplore occupations: training needed, demands for jobs, alternative entry-level jobs and networking opportunities.
bulletMake a tentative career choice.
bulletGet to know advisors, faculty, administrators, and career advisors.
bulletApply for Co-op experience related to major.
bulletAttend Career Fairs on and off campus.

SUMMER VACATION: get a job--earn money--develop skills and confidence--build a good work reputation.


bulletJoin organizations to develop leadership skill.
bulletUtilize the career resource library.
bulletConsider alternative career paths related to major field of study.
bulletBegin to combine reality testing with values and skills assessment.
bulletThrough credit-bearing work experience (Co-op) test your qualifications for work in your possible career field(s).
bulletGet to know faculty, advisors, administrators, and career advisors.
bulletTake elective courses in other fields of interest.
bulletApply for Co-op experience related to major.
bulletAttend Career Fairs on and off campus

SUMMER VACATION: try out work in your potential field--compile inventory of interests, values, skills.


bulletComplete the course requirements in major(s) and/or minor(s).
bulletAttend workshops on resumes, cover letters, interviews, job search techniques.
bulletSign up for interviews on/off campus.
bulletDiscuss opportunities with faculty, advisors, and career services.
bulletDevelop a timetable for your career development after graduation.
bulletMake reference choices.
bulletApply for Co-op experience related to major.
bulletAttend Career Fairs on and off campus.

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Ron Vick, MA, LPC
Counselor / Academic Advisor
Int'l Student Advisor



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