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Transfer Student - FAQs


Q: How can I apply for admission to WSC?
A: Apply online or download an application form.
Submit the completed application to the WSC Office of Admissions and request official college transcripts from each post-secondary institution you have attended.


Q: How early should I apply for admission to WSC?
A: Apply for admission as early as three months prior to enrollment.


Q: Am I required to declare a major when I submit my application?
A: On your application form you may either identify a major or indicate that you are entering as undeclared.


Q: Do I need to submit a high school transcript?
A: If you have not completed at least one semester at your current institution, you are required to submit a high school transcript.


Q: Are ACT/SAT scores required?
A: No, ACT/SAT scores are not required for transfer students.


Q: What is the maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred?
A: Sixty-six (66) credit hours may be transferred from an accredited 2-year institution. You may transfer an unlimited number of hours from an accredited 4-year institution.


Q: How and when do I find out if my credits transferred?
A: Evaluation of transcripts will be completed by our Records & Registration office.


Q: What GPA is needed to transfer?
A: 2.0 is the minimum GPA.


Q: Can I be provisionally admitted to WSC and start taking classes before my official transcripts arrive?
A: No


Q: If I have further questions, to whom should I speak for information about transfer credit?
A: Please refer to the Registrar’s Office or read the WSC transfer agreements.


Q: When can I register for classes?
A: Once the admissions process is completed, you will receive information regarding the registration process closer to your term of enrollment.


Q: How will I know who my advisor is?
A: Your advisor will be a faculty member within your major. If you have not decided on a program of study, your advisor will be assigned by the Advising Center. Your initial registration will be completed by a faculty member in your major area. Once you have begun classes, your official advisor will be named.


Q: How do I know what classes to take?

A: Your advisor will assist you in deciding what classes to take based on your goals and graduation requirements.


Q: Is there an orientation for transfer students?
A: For more information about transfer orientation, contact the Student Activities Office at 402-375-7322.


Q: Is there a course that will help me adapt to college life?
A: Yes. Succeeding in College (GST 110) is designed especially for incoming college students.


Q: What is the cost of attendance?
A: For cost information, please visit the cost information page.


Q: How do I apply for financial aid?
A: Financial Aid information and applications can be found at the Financial Aid site.


Q: Is there a deadline to apply for financial aid?
A: Priority deadline for financial aid is April 1. Students completing forms after this date will be awarded according to aid available.


Q: I am interested in taking a course at another college/university to transfer back to WSC, who should I contact?
A: Check the Registrar’s Office site for classes that transfer to other colleges and universities.


Q: Can I improve my GPA by taking courses at another college/university to transfer back to WSC?
A: No. Transfer grades are not included in the WSC cumulative grade point calculation.


Q: Can transfer students live off-campus?
A: Yes. Students who wish to live off-campus may contact the Morning Shopper, at 1-800-672-3418 or 402-375-3850, for more information about off-campus rooms, apartments, or houses in the Wayne area.


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