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Sure, Wayne State offers great academic programs. But, the success experienced in our classrooms is a result of the excellent support programs students use in conjunction with their learning. When you’re a student at Wayne State, be sure to take advantage of these programs, including:


Academic Planning

You’ll be assigned an academic adviser who will work with you to design your course schedule and discuss your long-term goals. Your adviser will explain everything that you’ll need to know about your major and/or endorsement.



Help When You Need It

You’ll have access to some great resources whenever you need help in or out of the classroom, including:


Writing Assistance –The Writing Help Desk works with you to develop your academic writing skills, a great resource when you’re taking on a research project or essay.


Tutoring – There are several tutoring options on campus. The Learning Center offers peer tutors in nearly every subject area, and the STRIDE program offers peer tutoring for first-generation, low-income students and students with disabilities.


Test-Taking & Study Skills – The Learning Center can help you develop your test-taking abilities, study skills and comprehension.


Personal Counseling – Free counseling for everything from homesickness and stress management to eating disorders is available from a qualified on-campus counseling staff.



Planning a Major and a Career

If you need:



Students with Unique Needs

Students with Disabilities – The Counseling Center helps students with disabilities, which includes arranging accommodations, ensuring access to class and study materials and development of learning strategies.


Low-income or First-Generation Students – The STRIDE (Students Taking Responsibility in Development & Education) program is both a resource and a voice for you. STRIDE offers advising, mentoring, tutoring, and plenty of fun activities throughout the year.


Student Athletes – The Learning Center and the Athletic Department offer mentoring and tutoring to at-risk student athletes, to help ensure success both on and off the field.


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