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RFP Questions and Answers

WSC Physical Access Control and Campus Card Systems


Vendor Questions - On Site Visit

Published: 5-5-2014 1:00 pm

Question: Can vendors get a copy of the floor plans to show where data closet is to estimate wiring needs?

Answer: No. Vendor will need to provide a junction box with 1" conduit with pullstring routed to nearest accessible ceiling space. If floor plans are needed for any other reason we can make those available.

Question: Does every residence hall front desk have a computer

Answer: Yes

Question: What does your current card system use?

Answer: Per RFP 8.1.3

College currently utilizes CardWorks with DataCard CP-80 Plus printers and Fargo UltraCardIII CP-80 cardstock. A modulo 10 barcode is printed on the front of the card, along with photo ID, name and Campus ID number (a unique 8 character numeric identifier for each individual). The III and Chartwells systems utilize this barcode with infrared scanners. The mag stripe on the cards is also encoded with data for Heartland One Card on track 2.

Question: What is the preferred method for card readers?

Answer: Would like to move to contactless and away from mag stripe.

Question: What kind of gear do you have in the networking closets?

Answer: we have a hybrid of Cisco and Aruba

Question: Clarification on Equipment RFP –

Answer: We are hosting this in our virtual server infrastructure unless there is an appliance involved in the implementation.

Question: Is the system for chartwells to be replaced or not replace.

Answer: Not to be replaced

Question: Is the heartland only for the copiers? Is that a Network printing solution or off the glass?

Answer: Yes. Off the glass. We are open to options for full integration of that system. It would have to work with our existing hardware environment which is Xerox MFD. We are also Implementing Papercut for student print metering over the summer time.

Questions: For the Papercut application are they running the contactless or mag stripe.

Answer: They will use a terminal manually with keyboard, but we are open to use readers for contactless use.


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