Curt Frye



Michael Anderson

Vice President for Academic Affairs


Angela Fredrickson

Vice President for Administration & Finance


Jeff Carstens

Vice President & Dean of Students


Phyllis Conner

Vice President of Development, Exec. Director, WS Foundation


Jay Collier

Director of College Relations


Michael Anderson | Vice President for Academic Affairs



Dr. Dennis Lichty
Interim Dean of Education & Counseling


Dr. Tammy Evetovich
Interim Dean of Natural & Social Sciences


Steve Elliott
Interim Dean of Arts & Humanities


Vaughn Benson
Dean of Business & Technology


General Education Program



Academic Support

Dave Graber
Director of Conn Library


John Dunning
Chief Information Officer
Network and Technology Services


Lynette Lentz
Director of Records & Registration


Kevin Halle
Director of Admissions


Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment



Visit AQIP

Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) is a new process for accreditation developed by the Higher Learning Commission as an alternative to the self-study/comprehensive visit cycle of accreditation. Participation in the Academic Quality Improvement Project encourages an institution to use the AQIP Quality Criteria to examine systematically how it is increasing its effectiveness in educating its students and accomplishing its other key purposes, and how it is managing and improving the many other processes that allow it to pursue these primary goals.



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