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Janell Scardino
(402) 375-7553

Alpha System


The administrative database files are currently stored on an HP/Compaq 4100 Alpha Server. The administrative software was purchased from Information Associates (now owned by SCT).


This is a secure system and in order to be issued a username/password to the Alpha, you need to be an employee of WSC and you must sign a confidentiality form. After you sign the form, your supervisor or school will email an account request to Cheri Polenske.


Our office implements account security based on decisions made by the offices responsible for maintaining the databases. As soon as we receive approval to issue the account, it can be set up in just a few days.


In 2001, two web-based systems were implemented to enable secure access to student data via the internet.


Our mission is to provide administrative offices access to accurate and reliable data necessary for their work, and to support internet access for WSC Students, Faculty & Advisors to the official student records.
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