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Human Resource Audit

(Annual Quality Initiative)


July 12, 2002

Strategic planning goals and the Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) have established "Human Resources" as a top priority for Wayne State College.  As you are aware, human resource efforts are currently distributed among several offices on campus.  Human Resources has several interrelated components:  strategic (linked with the overall direction of the organization), operational (focusing on development of realistic processes linking organizational capability with day-to-day needs) and tactical (involving the delivery of programs and services to employees).


The College has contracted with HR Associates, a firm from Sioux City, Iowa, to assist in developing a long-term plan for improvements in this area.  HR Associates will conduct an audit of our current human resources functions and provide assistance in developing a three to five year plan for implementing a more complete human resources program on campus. The HR Audit is just getting underway and will continue through October 2002. During this time period, input will be requested from faculty, staff, students, and others.


HR Associates staff will have College IDs and will be contacting faculty and staff throughout campus.  If contacted, we request your participation and cooperation as we work to move forward with this very important initiative.  We will also keep you informed as efforts on this project continue.  Additional information will be provided at the fall opening meetings in August.



Contact Info

Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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