"Your First College Year" Survey (on-line and paper surveys) Make Use of Survey Data

(Vital Quality Initiative)


Current Facilitators: Jeff Carstens, Bob McCue


February 15-16, 2001 - AQIP Retreat
Project identified and prioritized


March 14, 2001 - AQIP Retreat Follow-Up Meeting
Project refined
Council members assigned to project: Jeff Carstens, Bob McCue


August 17-19, 2001 - Freshman Orientation. Wayne State College administered the UCLA freshman survey to those freshmen attending the freshman orientation. WSC has utilized the UCLA freshman survey to collect information about incoming freshmen for the past ten years.


September 21, 2001 - AQIP Meeting
Status report given: Bob McCue reported that we will not be administering the CSEQ. Instead we will use the YFCY (Your First College Year) survey. This survey is designed to complement the freshmen survey we administer at the beginning of the freshman year. This will allow us to make comparisons between the beginning of the freshman year and the end. The YFCY survey will be administered at the end of the Spring 2002 semester.


October 26, 2001 - The Noel-Levitz Survey was distributed to faculty for distribution in classes on October 30 and November 1 for student participation. Surveys were due back November 2, 2001. This survey was used in addition to the UCLA freshman survey at the beginning of the freshman year and the YFCY survey at the end of the freshman year.


March 2002 - The "Your First College Year" survey will be distributed.




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Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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