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(Vital Quality Initiative)


Current Facilitators: Eddie Elfers, Judy Johnson, Todd Young


February 15-16, 2001 - AQIP Retreat
Project identified and prioritized


March 14, 2001 - AQIP Retreat Follow-Up Meeting
Project refined
Council members assigned to project: Eddie Elfers, Judy Johnson, Todd Young


September 21, 2001 - AQIP Meeting
Status report given: Eddie, Judy and Todd have begun a dialogue concerning how to better utilize The Wayne Stater. One idea that came up was that each school would have a page (or at least part of a page) where it could submit news, announcements, commentary, faculty profiles, student profiles, etc. (probably on a rotating basis). It was decided that Penny Russell-Roberts should be contacted and brought into the loop immediately. This would be like the back page is now for student groups. The co-chairpersons will be continuing this discussion with not only the Stater students, but also the department chairs and school deans.


January 23, 2002 - An article appears in The Wayne Stater, "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out," by Todd Young.



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Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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