On-Campus Childcare for Students, Faculty, and Staff

(Annual Quality Initiative)


Current Facilitators: JoAnn Bondhus, Bob McCue


August 18, 2001 - Opening Faculty and Staff Meeting
Project identified
"The topic of on-campus daycare came about as we were defining our topic. How can we support students academically in ways not directly related to academics? We can reduce the stress level of student-parents by giving them a daycare option for their children--one that is always available, convenient, and allows them to see their children at any time during their academic day. If students are worried about their children's care, how can they concentrate on their academics? How many students are we losing every semester due to childcare issues? How does this affect our enrollment numbers? How does it affect the overall performance in the classroom? A stressed parent can't be a relaxed student. Many private daycares in Wayne take the majority of their clients on a full-time basis. A full-time student might not need full-time daycare, but may have to pay for it anyway. Many daycares do not or cannot take part-time children from part-time students. An on-campus daycare might help solve these problems." (J. Bondhus, B. DeBoer, L. Claussen, J. Karsky, D. Martin, D. Whitt)


September 24, 2001 - Project priority assigned


October 4, 2001 - AQIP Meeting
Initial discussion about prioritized results


October 30, 2001 - First Quality Team Meeting, 2 p.m., Cottonwood Room
Facilitator and volunteers met for initial discussion meeting


November 13, 2001 - Quality Team Meeting, 3 p.m. Cottonwood Room



Contact Info

Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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