Teaching Teachers to be Teachers Workshop

(Annual Quality Initiative)


Current Facilitators: Eddie Elfers, Pearl Hansen


August 18, 2001 - Opening Faculty and Staff Meeting
Project identified
"All at the table agreed that there are major barriers between students and teachers: maturity, knowledge, expectations, motivations, etc. The basic idea was to help us (teachers) learn how to make students feel more comfortable with our needs and expectations AND make us (teachers) aware of anxieties and fears and uncertainties in students' minds so that we could relate to them and teach them. Simply put, how do we break down barriers to effective communication. How can we build trust so that teaching can occur. You might call it mutual receptivity -- both sides are open. Whether this personal and psychological state can be taught was open to question, but we might try a few rounds or sessions to see if there are any rewards (better teaching)."
(W. Slaymaker, L. Dion, S. Gardner, K. Janke, S. Metz, S. Olson, S. Replogle)


September 24, 2001 -- Project priority assigned


October 4, 2001 -- AQIP Meeting
Initial discussion about prioritized results


November 2, 2001 -- AQIP Meeting
Facilitators assigned: Eddie Elfers, Pearl Hansen



Contact Info

Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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