Establish a Learning Community Committee

Implement Pilot Project -- Block Courses


(Vital Quality Initiative)


Current Facilitator: Dave Fuller


February 15-16, 2001 -- AQIP Retreat
Project identified and prioritized


March 14, 2001 -- AQIP Retreat Follow-Up Meeting
Project refined
Council member assigned to project: Dave Fuller


March 26, 2001 -- Courses for Fall 2001 scheduled
CNA 10012 Principles of Human Communications (3), Deb Whitt
PED 10303 Lifestyle Assessment (2), Barb Engebretsen


ENG 10214 Composition Skills (3), Katja Hawlitschka
SOC 10104 Introduction to Sociology (3), Monica Snowden


Team-Taught Course
SOC 10105 Introduction to Sociology (3), Jean Karlen and Adam Valencia


September 21, 2001 -- AQIP Meeting
Status report given: We are doing a pilot project this semester with two sets of linked courses incorporating learning communities and activities in the dorms. Those involved in the project are looking at ways to make this work in larger groups. Dr. Stearns mentioned the idea of an intellectual theme throughout the general education program, using perhaps a book or article that students read and then discuss in various general education classes. Something parents or visitors to college can pick up and read and then share with their WSC student. The theme should relate to the college's mission. This would be good to begin at freshman orientation sessions. This theme idea could also guide some of our publications. This idea has links to the intellectual climate project mentioned later.



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Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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