Improve Student Employment/Weekend Activities (Annual Quality Initiative)


Current Facilitator: Chuck Parker


August 18, 2001 -- Opening Faculty and Staff Meeting
Project identified
Keep students here on the weekends. "The discussion at our table centered around two things: first, the fact that most of our students work or want to work part time while they are here. Second, many students leave for the weekend after class on Friday, not returning until Sunday night. In many cases, they go home to work. If the college can assist students in finding part-time employment in the Wayne area, plus if weekend activities are offered that students would find appealing, students might stay in Wayne over the weekend. The result would be stronger collaborative relationships and a sense of community." (J. Johnson, J. Carstens, P. Karr, S. Lueders, D. Miller, C. Murphy, B. Nozicka)


September 24, 2001 -- Project priority assigned


October 4, 2001 -- AQIP Meeting
Initial discussion about prioritized results


November 2, 2001 -- AQIP Meeting
Facilitator assigned: Chuck Parker


December 5, 2001 -- First Quality Team Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Bluestem Room, Student Center


Discussion points from the December 5, 2001, AQIP Quality Team meeting of the Weekend Activities


1) Campus resources that are valuable to the goal of improving weekend life at the college

-- Computer labs
-- Library (DVD's, Video's, music and Popular reading materials, both     fiction and non-fiction)
-- Rec. Center
-- Student Center
-- Internet and e-mail for publicity and information


2) The role of the dorm RA

-- Expanded role in programming activities
-- Make more accountable for results


3) Create weekend council - topics for council to work on include -- Entertainment

-- Playstation 2 tournaments
-- Movie specials on campus
-- Rec. Center tournaments
-- Dorm events
-- Coordinate bus tours to Mall of America and other destinations
-- Sunday evening events
-- Deals at local store
-- Explore connections with local businesses to give student incentives     to shop in Wayne on the weekend
-- Employment opportunites


4) Employment opportunities was also discussed in a more general way. Points raised

-- Coordinate on campus available jobs for students
     in a central location
-- Have a job board (where?)
-- Have space on the internet, off the Current Students pick



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Michael Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sue Sydow
Director of Assessment/
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) AQIP

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